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The Long Term Effects of Momentary Happiness

About This Class

In the fourth video of the Rediscovering Your Happiness and Power series, you will learn the distinction between true fulfilment and momentary happiness. This free spirituality class will empower you to realize your life’s purpose beyond the distraction of superficial and temporary pleasures. The challenge asks you to shift your focus from sources of easy satisfaction to opportunities for sincere self-growth, using gratitude as a guide to finding the real you and your real needs.

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The Long Term Effects of Momentary Happiness
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The Long Term Effects of Momentary Happiness

If you feel you’ve lost your true essence amidst the distractions of daily life, this video will help you rediscover your soul’s purpose. Learn how effort is crucial to earning your happiness and how momentary pleasures can in fact lead to long term damage. If you feel insecure and incomplete despite achieving superficial success, Eliyahu’s teachings will help you comprehend the underlying issues that are interfering with your happiness. This video explains how to prioritize continuous self-growth, abandoning the futility of a results-based mindset for good. 

CHALLENGE: There are two elements to this challenge. First, you should write a list of ten things you’re truly grateful for in life to help you focus on your deeper fulfillment. Then, you should say no to one momentarily fulfilling thing you are offered.

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Rediscovering Your Happiness and Power Series is based on Eliyahu Jian’s book The Laughing Billionaire: How to Become Rich and Happy. It’s the first step in your Vital Transformation journey.

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