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Our guided classes blend spiritual teachings with ancient wisdom to help you navigate and thrive in today’s world. Each session has further been crafted to deliver techniques and tools in a gentle yet powerful method that allows you to grow and learn at your own pace.

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Spiritual Development

Our five beginner video series empower you to discover how to improve your life, health, relationships, spirituality & happiness.

Unlock your dreams and open the door to success. Start with the first series, “Rediscovering Your Happiness & Power” twelve 10-15 min. guided sessions. Pair your study & challenges in this series with Eliyahu Jian’s book “The Laughing Billionaire: How to Become Rich & Happy” to keep track of your progress.

Use the book and free video series to guide your journey. Take the Challenge!
Spiritual Development Series #1

Rediscovering Your Happiness & Power

Find happiness. Unlock your personal power. Increase your career and relationship success. Each guided session - inspired by the book, “The Laughing Billionaire: How to Become Rich and Happy.” contains a challenge you must take to grow. Get the book. Watch the series. Rediscover your happiness and power.
Spiritual Development Series #2

Achieving Business and Relationship Success

Start your journey towards business and relationship success in these classes where teachings and techniques empower you to achieve greater career success, a healthier relationships and the tools to attain each in harmony with the other.
Spiritual Development Series #3

A Beginner's Guide to Spirituality

This series helps members discover a spiritual practice (not religious!) that's right for you and achieve balance and happiness. Each session's challenge guides you to the path to success in all areas of life.
Spiritual Development Series #4

The Pillars of Well-Being

Understand and embrace the pillars of well-being in our rich and inspiring Intermediate Series. Throughout these classes, you’ll receive guidance on rediscovering the person you desire to be, tools on how to make that transformation and teachings and methods spanning relationships, career, acceptance and the ego, meditation and spirituality. To reaffirm your lessons, we’ll end each lesson with a challenge to help you reach the next stage of your journey. And remember, sign up to Vital Transformation to access each video and the extent of our free content.
Spiritual Development Series #5

Secrets of Success Rich and Happy

Attain both business and relationship success through this thought-provoking series. You’ll discover how to build the bridge between happiness and success while taking an in-depth look at what professional satisfaction and wellbeing means. Explore key methods for sustaining enthusiasm in your career while learning how to make changes that matter, solve problems that seek to trip us and create boundaries to strengthen our success.

Mystical Knowledge

Continue your journey below

You’ve learned to walk – so now it’s time to break into a jog as you take your inner power and growth to the next level.

It’s here that self-improvement meets key Kabbalah teachings to help you tap into your true strength and spirituality while forging deeper connections to yourself, your tribe and your community.

You’ll discover exactly how and why to give, the difference between quick-fix joy and long-term happiness and how to move closer towards your higher self.

Mystical Knowledge Series #1
Mystical Knowledge Series #2

Weekly Kabbalistic Inspiration

Begin the week with your energy renewed and refreshed through our weekly inspiration lectures. We will teach you how to navigate and manage daily challenges to have the best week possible.
Mystical Knowledge Series #3

Women’s classes

Designed by women and created for women to grow spiritually and improve their personal strength.
Mystical Knowledge Series #4

Leadership Class

In this course you will be able to discover your individual strengths as a leader and deepen your understanding of your own spiritual identity.
Mystical Knowledge Series #5

Kabbalah Gym

A blended course to enhance your physical and mental strength. This course will guide you in the best ways to build yourself personally through new thinking, new actions and spiritual growth.
Mystical Knowledge Series #6

Kabbalah Meditations

Meditations from Rabbi Abraham Abulafia, a Sicilian Kabbalist, will help you to connect your soul to the Creator. You will learn to still your mind, focus on your breathing, communicate with the Divine, and improve your life.
Mystical Knowledge Series #7

Palm & Face Reading

As a master in this ancient art, Eliyahu Jian will take you step by step, to learn and apply this method of deep understanding so you may manifest your desires.

Congratulations – your foundation is strong, you’ve embraced true growth and spirituality and you’re now ready to dive into the more advanced Kabbalah teachings and commit to the highest level of personal development.

These classes provide people of all religions and faiths to forge a stronger connection to a Higher Intelligence while taking you beyond life’s profound questions, to answering and understanding them.

Kabbalah Series #1

New Moon

This time of year, also known as Rosh Chodesh, will teach you about the renewing of the spiritual life-force, the energy you will need to access and the Kabbalistic calendar.
Kabbalah Series #2

Pearls of Wisdom

A deep dive into the wisdom of Kabbalah, through a Kabbalist’s point of view. You will learn to strengthen your ability to attain knowledge and understanding, while discovering the meaning of life.
Kabbalah Series #3

Soul Elevation

Soul Elevation covers the topic of reincarnation--the journey of the soul and its different levels throughout lifetimes.
Kabbalah Series #4
Kabbalah Series #5
Kabbalah Series #6


Holiday classes are great for learning and continuing the process of growth, happiness and healing during special times of the year.
Kabbalah Series #7

Ten Sefirot

The cause of our pain and suffering is because most of us don’t know what our purpose is in life. These classes help us understand the purpose of everything.
Kabbalah Series #8

Tikkunei Zohar

Additional commentaries from the Book of Zohar, instructing about you may reach the promise of connection to the power of miracles and the promise to convert chaos into order.
Kabbalah Series #9

Writings Of Ari

Discover the true purpose and essence of the soul from the Ari, through the discovered, mystic secrets of Kabbalah.
Kabbalah Series #10

Weekly Zohar

The purpose of the Zohar was to explain the inner, secrets and mystical meaning of the Torah.

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