Intermediate Classes

Intermediate classes are a bridge between the foundation and diving deeper into the advanced courses. You will begin to hear different terminology of Kabbalah and go more into the spiritual teachings of not just “self help” but of the tools and wisdom of Kabbalah. Think of this as learning how to walk.

Advanced Classes

Advanced classes are for students who are familiar with the foundation, terminology of Kabbalah and are now ready to dive into the deepest learnings. The Ten Sefirot class takes you step by step and teaches you about the Ten Dimensions of the Tree of Life and how to use it in our day and age. The Tikkunei Zohar Class is one of very few taught in the world - the secrets of Rabbi Shimon while he waist the cave hiding for 13 years - this was when the Tikkunei Zohar was written. The Zohar Class itself gives us on a weekly basis energy we can tap into. Join us.