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Coalition for Global Unity

Nov 18, 2020

With Eliyahu Jian, Vital Transformation Co-Founder – Week 34 of the Coalition for Global Unity
I am an author, life and spiritual coach, motivational speaker and advisor to people of all ages and backgrounds. I aim to empower people to be the best versions of themselves, create stronger relationships, achieve career success, and create healthier lifestyles by developing a spiritual connection. I have shared my vision and guidance with some of the world’s most famous and influential people, and most recently for everyone in my newest book: The Laughing Billionaire– How to Become Rich and Happy

Growing up in Israel, I lived in a traditional Jewish home and began seeking spirituality at the age of 16. My most recent decades, I spent time studying with the world’s leading motivational and spiritual teachers, allowing me to connect with thousands of people around the world looking to improve their lives and the lives of others.

My passion for spirituality, happiness and success continues today. As a co-founder of Vital Transformation, I have the chance to touch the lives of thousands of people daily with free online classes devoted to helping people find their purpose in life and be their best.
Every Monday at 12pm PDT for 52 weeks, a member of the Coalition for Global Unity will provide a 30 minute meditation and experience that will allow us to connect to our awareness.
In this time of uncertainty, fear and lack of health, these weekly meditations are designed to bring us all together as one, and to connect to health and wholeness.

Anyone can tune in from wherever in the world they are to experience one of these meditations or people are invited to enjoy a few minutes of silence or deep breathing if they are unable to tune into the Livestream with the community.

See schedule of upcoming Facilitators & subscribe for updates:

Thus far, our Coalition Members include:
Deepak Chopra author of over 90 best-selling books
Reverend Michael Beckwith of Agape
Rollin McCraty, founder of the Heart Math Institute
Teresa Collins of Resonance Academy and Global Coherence Pulse
Suzi Lula Spiritual Therapist
Amanda Marie Masters, Co-Founder of Awake TV Network
Alison Serour and Kabbalah Centres
Co-Founders of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer
Kimberly Gamble, Director & Executive Producer of Thrive
Alexa Fischer, founder of Wishbeads
Richard Rudd, founder of Gene Keys
Sister Dr Jenna of
Reverand Julie Moret
Mikhaila Stettler, artist and writer
Amber Hartnell, founder of Temple of Wholeness
Jennifer Hill, Co-Founder of MetaBizics
Sainte Grace, Sonic Creator
Shannon Thompson – Founder of Shakti Rising

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