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72 Minutes to Change Your Relationships

Attend a life-changing event! Sign up to be one of 111+ people to participate in LIVE interactive broadcast with Spiritual and Celebrity Life Coaches Debbie and Eliyahu Jian and people from all over the earth.

Meditate for world-healing on August 4, 2020 Tu B’Av, the Day of Love and learn how to get to the next level in any and all relationships. The power of group meditation is real. Join us to make a difference. All proceeds go to Vital Transformation; a nonprofit designed to help you become more spiritual and Rediscover Your Happiness & Power.

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  • Explanation of the cosmic event (moon + sun meet) full moon in the month of Leo
  • Succeeding in love and relationships of all types (not necessarily romantic)
  • 72 Minute Interactive Class and Lecture + Meditation

****All proceeds go to Vital Transformation–a non-profit designed to help people become more spiritual and Rediscover Your Happiness & Power.

About Eliyahu & Debbie Jian:

When high-profile celebrities like Madonna, Roseanne, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Gisele Bundchen, Guy Ritchie and Michael Strahan needed life and spiritual guidance – they reached out to Debbie & Eliyahu. And now you can too!

Eliyahu & Debbie Jian have 3 decades of experience delivering life-changing tips and tactics to help people move beyond the proverbial life crossroad or simply find more meaning, greater purpose, and stronger direction.

Their nonprofit, Vital Transformation, was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles. Vital Transformation is the best free online spiritual educational platform available for people who are truly interested in achieving happiness and success in life.

72 Minutos Para Cambiar Tus Relaciones!

Escucha. Medita. Cambia el mundo. Únete a nuestra sesión y meditación global en VIVO para cambiar tus relaciones y cambiar el mundo.

Inscríbete YA para ser una de las más de 111 personas que participarán en esta sesión interactiva en VIVO con los Coaches espirituales y de celebridades Eliyahu y Debbie Jian y personas de todo nuestro planeta.

Medita para la sanación global el 4 de agosto de 2020 Tu B’Av el Día del Amor y aprende cómo llevar todas tus relaciones al próximo nivel. El poder de la meditación en grupo es real. Únete a nosotros y hagamos juntos la diferencia.

Todos los fondos que recojamos en el evento irán a Vital Transformation, un organización sin ánimo de lucro diseñada para ayudar a las personas a ser más espirituales y a redescubrir la felicidad y conectarse con su poder interior.

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  • Explicación del evento cósmico. La luna y el sol se encuentran y la luna estará llena en Leo.
  • Se exitoso en el amor y en las relaciones de todo tipo (no solo románticas)
  • 72 Minutos sesión interactiva + meditación

Sobre Eliyahu & Debbie Jian:

Cuando celebridades como Madonna, Roseanne, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Gisele Bundchen, Guy Ritchie y Michael Strahan buscaban ser guiados espiritualmente, se acercaron a Eliyahu y Debbie Jian y ahora tu puedes hacerlo también.

Eliyahu y Debbie tienen más de 3 décadas de experiencia compartiendo herramientas para transformar vidas y ayudar a las personas a encontrar mayor significado, propósito y un norte para sus vidas.

Weekly Inspiration Class at Vital Transformation

Are you looking to make a change in your life? Discover and explore personal and spiritual growth and achieve the goals and success you deserve in life. JOIN US THIS MONDAY.

Join Life Coach to the Stars, Philanthropist, Author and Co-Founder of Vital Transformation, Eliyahu Jian for a weekly inspiration LIVE IN LOS ANGELES for a FREE weekly one-hour course: Weekly Inspiration.

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Purim Party

Join us for a celebratory party honoring the salvation of Jews from Persia by Esther. We will uncover the secrets of Purim within the Writings of The Ari and the opportunity to transform negativity and stress to build your most fulfilling life.

Additional Information

Often referred to as the Megillah, this is publicly read in synagogues twice on Purim: when the holiday begins at nightfall, and the following morning.

Shabbat at the Fontainebleau

Date: January 24th and January 25th, 2020
Description: Join Vital Transformation for Shabbat at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Friday night 6pm services followed by dinner. Saturday morning 9am services followed by lunch. The event is free to the public. Donations are given to Vital Transformation.

Resolution Meditation Forecast 2020

Description: Join Spiritual Leader and Life Coach to the Stars, Eliyahu Jian and Vital Transformation for a guided lecture on Resolution, Meditation and Forecast for 2020. The event is free to the public. Donations are given to Vital Transformation.