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News from Eliyahu’s Spiritual Courses


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🌟 Exciting News from Eliyahu’s Spiritual Courses! 🌟 As we look into the future, we realize the growing need for spiritual guidance in our modern society. Eliyahu is ready to share simple yet profound wisdom to enhance your life, helping you make better decisions in relationships, health, and business. 📚 **Upcoming Courses:** 1. **Foundations of Kabbalah** – 4 weeks: Build a common language of spiritual understanding. 2. **Navigating Your Brain** – 4 weeks: Learn about consciousness, meditations, and life management. 3. **How to Read People** – 4 weeks: Master quick assessments using astrology and Kabbalah-based techniques on palm and face reading. 🌀 These courses emphasize a Jewish spiritual journey, not a religious one. 💸 **Special Offer:** Each course costs $100, but register for two (with Basics of Kabbalah as a prerequisite), and get one free – that’s all three for just $200 instead of $300! 🍹 Light refreshments will be provided (not a full meal). 📅 Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity
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Every Tuesday @ 7:00 pm


$ 102


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