How can learning Kabbalah help me?

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When you study Kabbalah you are going back to the roots of what happened before humanity gave a name on their own to what truly the universe wanted from them.

If you truly want to reach your full potential to what was your purpose of creation, every spiritual person will have to ask themselves; whats the purpose of my existence? It’s impossible that we were born here only to work, make a living, have children and then die. When there is no new evolution or spiritual growth, there has to be a meaning and purpose to life.

To find the purpose within the Bible is possible, but it can have many meanings according to what a person believes in. The Christians can give it one meaning the Jews can give it a meaning , the Moslems can have their own meaning and even the Atheists can give it a meaning. The historians can say it looks like a nice story and we are still looking for proof.

The bible can be a nice story, it can be history or it can be something we learn from. The five famous explanations of the bible that changed the world through the study of Kabbalah was first the Book of Formation, then the Zohar, the Ari who is Rabbi Isaac Luria with his loyal student Rabbi Chaim Vital and then the Baal Shem Tov, who brought the wisdom to the farmers and the most famous Kabbaliast from our times, Rabbi Yehuda Halevi Ashlag who bought the wisdom of Rabbi Isaac Luria from 500 years ago into an easy way to understand.

Going back to our question of how Kabbalah can help us, when you start finding out your life purpose, every one of us comes here for a reason according to Kabbalah. So you can choose a good job and make good money and if you are spiritually open minded you have a reason why you came to the world. The reasons need to be studied well by using the method that is written in Zohar Yitro, and there all the secrets and hints of why a person comes to this world. Some of us are here to correct a past life time, and that’s where the study of Reincarnation comes in. Some of us come to make a difference for others, some came to improve our personal life. Kabbalah can help you to find out what exactly you came here for and what do you need to do and through that you can plan your life better and make sure you don’t waste time letting life go by and not accomplishing the maximum you came here to accomplish.