How is Kabbalah different than other Spiritual Wisdom ?

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When you read about all the spiritual knowledge out there, Zen, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, all types of self help, all types of religion all types of spiritual knowledge, all wisdom is gathered together to hopefully connect you to the Divine. The second reason is to teach us how to be together as a community or as a tribe. In the the old days believing in a higher force and living in a community would save you from animals , form wars. Sense of community was always important. Sense of God, the Divine or a Higher Power would give you hope that whatever you were going through will be ok tomorrow.

So what is truly the difference with Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is teaching you what was the thought of the Creator when he Created this creation as we know it . Once you know the DNA of the Creation, once you know the thought, the reasoning of why, you start applying the spiritual behavior not out of guilt or fear that something will happen to you or what might or night not happen, loosing or gaining. You are no longer attached to your individual part of how you benefit from the community or God. It becomes that you are not just part of society or the Divine, you are part of one global community that is one, and we are a cell that is part of everything and spans through all times of existence. So no matter when you were born, you don’t just affect the years you live in but you connect to everyone before and after those years.

Kabbalah teaches us that everything is interconnected. In order to understand this you need to study how everything is interconnected, how do the Sefirot work, how does the Tree of Life operate?

Kabbalah will be more exact on the why? Not just what to do and how. Most spiritual knowledge tells you practically what you need to do or how to do things that you will be good in the eyes of God. A lot of guilt and selfish agenda attached to it, everything boils down to either I gain fruit here or in the world to come. When you study and practice Kabbalah it takes you into a place of understanding, and your choice comes out of full understanding, not out of routine, or a place of guilt or selfish agenda, you do it from clarity because you know why you are doing what you are doing.

For example we all know to give Charity is the right thing. Charity of Love, time and money. We don’t even think why, if we are losing the why we are losing the reason , because in every why that you ask you connect to the seed level of why you do what you do.

Charity according to Kabbalah is a very important act because it gives you an opportunity to share as if you are the Creator or the Divine and at the same time you need to practice when you give that you are not above the receiver. The receiver is actually giving you an opportunity to give. Like us versus the Creator. When you stand in front of the Creator , the Creator wants to give us, by us receiving we are allowing the Creator to express itself through us. By studying Kabbalah you are connecting to everything not just one spiritual knowledge, it’s everything. For that reason Kabbalah has bee called for generations the mother of all spiritual knowledge.