How to Define your Goals?

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What is a goal? A goal is related to a desire. So desire and goals are equal. What is my goal? Let’s say my goal is to have 7.1 million dollars. Now I have to figure out how to get to my goal. I can either steal which is the fastest way to get there but not legal , or I can find a job that will slowly get me there. Along with this comes the goal of time.

Theres the object of the desire and how long will it take to get there. Those two forces need to be to get there. Our goals have to be time related.

Everyone can achieve a goal but there has to be a time frame for it. When I teach business people I tel them to set up two types of goals; the first goal is doable and the second one is imaginable. The imaginable needs to be put aside and the doable goal needs to be in front of them. Slowly slowly the brain will also work on the imaginable goal.