How to Handle Stress

stress relaxation classes

There are two types of stress; stress that comes from taking too much on yourself. The number of things you take upon yourself is too hard to handle. The other kind of stress is from the point of Tikkun or karma when life brings you stress. God forbid disease or loss of someone, or loss of money, or the universe is pushing you to become greater, we need to learn how to take that stress and put it towards something more positive.

Spiritual people always look at stress as something which comes when the universe wants to give you more but you are not capable of receiving what the universe wants to give you. For that reason its translated into stress. We become stressed out from the lack of capability to deal with the potential you might have.

For example a doctor in an emergency room is going through a lot of stress because there are a lot of bodies on beds and he has to take care of them and save them, and who does he save first? So the decision making that he has to make while he’s going thru this, or a mother who cant find her kids at the mall, so what does this mean? She’s losing control. So there are many different types of stress.

How do we deal with all theses stresses? Through meditation and visualizations. What is happening now? What are you afraid that will or will not happen in the future? Where in the past has it happened before? What can you learn from the past that can help you in the present?