Kabbalah Gym Intro

The word Kabbalah means to receive. What is the concept of receiving? We are a receiver. Kabbalah is teaching us that whatever shapes us is the amount of desire we have to receive from the Creator. What are we receiving? Blessings. So why can’t we have blessings all the time? When we start studying Kabbalah we will start growing step by step to receive and reach our potential. So why don’t we have it?

This course will explain what is Kabbalah how to use it and the foundation of Kabbalah according to the Zohar, Rabbi Isaac Luria, and Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag.

Level 1

Class 1 – Kabbalah Gym Level 1 #1 What is Kabbalah and Why is it Important to Study

The goal of studying Kabbalah? To make the world a place to be and to improve me and improve communication with each other. The goal of the study is specifically discovering yourself.

Class 2 -Kabbalah Gym Level 1 #2 The Importance of Creation

The reason we study about Creation is that if we don’t know what the whole picture is it’s impossible to succeed in anything. We need to know what our goal is and why we are here. We need to be able to understand the reasons behind the Creation of the universe as we know it.

Class 3 – Kabbalah Gym Level 1 #3 Receiving For the Sake of Sharing

There are two types of Receiving. Physical things (Food, clothing, Money) and non-physical like respect and honor etc. All these forces are within us. We desire things all the time. This class will teach us what to do with our receiving.

Class 4 – Kabbalah Gym Level 1 #4 Ego Trip

The forces of giving and receiving are inside of us. We have more of a desire to give than to receive. The DNA of a human being is pure giving. This class will explain to you the two different forces and how to harness them.

Class 6 – Kabbalah Gym Level 2 #1 Changing Your Point of View

One of the most important things is to understand that Kabbalah is dealing with spiritual ideas. We have to be aware that there are different angles to the camera and how we look at life and how people see us and how we see the Divine or the Divine sees us and based on that we establish a connection. This class speaks about the point of view or POV.

Class 5 – Kabbalah Gym Level 1 #6 The Force of the Universe

The force of this universe is the force of Love. This force can make a whole difference if we understand it. What is the purpose of love from a spiritual point of view? Why is it such an important ingredient in my life?

Class 7 – Kabbalah Gym Level 1 – Q & A

Level Two

Kabbalah Gym Level 2 #2 Soulmates and Reincarnation

Every person has a potential and actual. The potential of a person is called “Or Makif” Surrounding Light and the actual of a person is called “Or Pnimi” Inner Light. The actual your getting from your mother and the potential you are getting from your mother during the time of your conception. This class will go deeper into this subject as well as relationships and how to manifest each other.

Class 2 – Kabbalah Gym Level 2 #3 Soulmates and Astrology

From an astrological point of view, you can learn about yourself and your partner things from this lifetime and last lifetime. You will learn about the moon and the rising signs. You will learn about the signs and which match.

Class 3 – Kabbalah Gym Level 2 #4 Developing Yourself

This class is about overcoming insecurities. We were born perfect, in the image of God. We potentially are perfect human beings. From energy flow point of view, there is the Light and the container. There are different forms for the container. What happens if there is a curtain on the container? Who is in charge of it? Who has it? These questions and more will be answered in this class.

Class 4 – Kabbalah Gym Level 2 #5 Why is there Evil in the World

What is Evil? Where does it come from? The original place is the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and the snake. This class will explain all this based on Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag. What exactly happened in the Garden of Eden and what is the real story?

Class 5 – Kabbalah Gym Level 2 #6 – Rising from the Lowest Level of Spirituality

A message from Eliyahu on how to rise when you are at the lowest level of spirituality.