Kabbalah Gym

Kabbalah + Gym Class = “Kabbalah Gym.” Like taking care of your body everyday at the gym, Kabbalah Gym is Vital Transformation’s practice of encouraging a daily spiritual practice. The word Kabbalah means to receive. What is the concept of receiving? We are a receiver. Kabbalah is teaching us that whatever shapes us is the amount of desire we have to receive from the Creator.

What are we receiving? Blessings. So why can’t we have blessings all the time? When we start studying Kabbalah we will start growing step by step to receive and reach our potential. This course will explain what is Kabbalah how to use it and the foundation of Kabbalah according to the Zohar, Rabbi Isaac Luria, and Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag. Make Kabbalah study a daily practice.

  • Class 1 – What is Kabbalah and Why is it Important to Study
  • Class 2 -The Importance of Creation
  • Class 3 – Receiving For the Sake of Sharing
  • Class 4 – Ego Trip
  • Class 6 – Changing Your Point of View
  • Class 5 – The Force of the Universe
  • Class 7 – Q & A
  • Class 1 – Soulmates and Reincarnation
  • Class 2 – Soulmates and Astrology
  • Class 3 – Developing Yourself
  • Class 4 – Why is there Evil in the World
  • Class 5 – Rising from the Lowest Level of Spirituality