Kabbalah Gym Meditation

When we talk about meditation we are talking about reaching in, looking inside. The meditations are coming from Rabbi Avraham Abulafia a famous Kabbalist from Sicily and he taught the secrets of reaching your soul. The importance of meditation is that it step by step helps us to reach our highest potential.

Class 1 – Learning how to Breathe – Utilising your spine for breathing

Class 2 – Guided Meditation

Class 3 – Activating the force of the body and the soul and the intuition soul

Class 4 – Discovering Love within and without

Class 5 – Being in tune with the Universe

Connecting to our environment and feeling all the things around us. Kabbalists teach us that everything has vibrations and each vibration has a certain sound and meaning.

Class 6 – Meditation Through Chakras

Here you learn how to use the Chakras as they are connected both to the body and the soul. When you behave, talk and act in a certain way you change the structure of your inner being and through that, you activate forces from above that connect to you in this physical world.

Class 7 – Finding Where your soul came from and Where it’s Going To Your inner light is from your mother
Your surrounding Light is from your father.

Class 8 – Meditation for 2018