Kabbalah Gym Meditation

When we talk about meditation we are talking about reaching in, looking inside. The meditations are coming from Rabbi Avraham Abulafia a famous Kabbalist from Sicily and he taught the secrets of reaching your soul. The importance of meditation is that it step by step helps us to reach our highest potential.

  • Class 1 – Learning how to Breathe – Utilising your spine for breathing
  • Class 2 – Guided Meditation
  • Class 3 – Activating the force of the body and the soul and the intuition soul
  • Class 4 – Discovering Love within and without
  • Class 5 – Being in tune with the Universe
  • Class 6 – Meditation Through Chakras
  • Class 7 – Finding Where your Soul Came From (Change made) please apply.
  • Class 8 – Meditation for 2018