These classes are aimed to build teachers and leaders and people who want to make a difference in the world. A lot of times when leaders build leaders or when teachers build leaders there is a co-dependency. Our goal here is that you will be able to be on your own and you won’t have to depend on us to build other people. This is the time of change and transformation where there will be a lot of leaders in the world.

Class 1 – Reach Your Potential through Passion and Desire How do we do it?

What is your passion? How much passion do you have when you do what you do? Are you happy with every aspect of your life? If you are complacent of where you are in everything then you won’t be able to reach your potential. Leaders are people who push themselves forward to see what they can do better than last week or the week before, but it needs to be done with passion. This class will teach you how.

Class 2 – Overcoming Your Fears Every situation that you are in is for the best.

In every situation, there is a lesson to be learned as a leader. You need to be able to see that you are the giver and your surrounding is a receiver. Most of our life we go through situations as receivers. Once you change the observation as a giver then you start leading and setting up rules. You are a non-proactive person. It’s all about the setting. This class will teach you how. Don’t wait for life to give you!

Class 3 – Bravery we know that if we think about leaders we need to think how to be brave. Why is it without bravery you can’t lead?

You have to do something internally that you haven’t done before. You need to break you need to overcome your fears inside. Bravery is to go after something that will help you to lead others. A true brave leader is someone who went through a change that is affecting everyone else around them. This class will give you the tools to be brave and tackle your fears.

Class 4 – Happiness

One of the secrets of leading people is to lead people into happiness. We found that every day people can’t find true happiness. They are stuck in this area. Sometimes they achieve other goals but at the end of the day, they are not happy. This class will help you to lead people into happiness.