Ten Sefirot Local Class

In 1922 Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag one of the greatest Kabbalistic of all times came up with a commentary on Rabbi Isaac Luria’s book the Tree of Life . This is a section within the writings of the Ari (rabbi Isaac Luria ) that talks about Creation. What happened before God before Genesis. These works are put together in a way that the layman can understand it. These studies take you to a time before time. To a place before time and space before the Garden of Eden. Why did the Creator create us. Rav Ashlag writes that most of the pain and suffering we go through is because we don’t understand the purpose of our life . This is a deep course. Whoever studies this specific knowledge is promised that they will be cleansing all their negativities just by listening to it.

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Kabbalistic Wisdom Local Class

This is a Kabbalah course. Kabbalah means to receive and what does that mean for us? We are made of the receiving concept. Whatever shapes people in their lives is the amount and desire to receive blessings in our lives from the Creator. Why don’t we always get what we want? If we start studying Kabbalah with understanding step by step how we fulfill your potential, what does that mean? Do you want to receive something? What is Kabbalah and how to use it in our daily lives? This course will answer these questions. You will also learn the mystical side of Kabbalah. How to protect yourselves from negativity etc.

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