Meet Eliyahu and Debbie

Eliyahu Jian

– Kabbalah Teacher for 28 years

A Kabbalah teacher for nearly three decades, Eliyahu Jian is an LA-based psychic, coach, motivational speaker, and spiritual teacher, who guides men and women to create stronger relationships, improve their businesses and embrace a healthier lifestyles by connecting to a higher power and purpose.

Known for his keen sense of humor, contagious smile and extensive ability to simplify esoteric wisdom, Eliyahu employs a multitude of spiritual tools when sharing his teachings.

His lectures, mentorships, seminars and soul readings have taken him around the world, sharing his vision and guidance with his clients, enabling them to create new roadmaps that deeply resonate, motivate and inspire. Eliyahu’s uniqueness is found in his capacity to translate profound motivational and spiritual wisdom into practical advice that empowers others to live their happiest and most fulfilled existence.

Growing up in Israel, Eliyahu lived in a traditional Jewish home and began his spiritual seeking at the age of 16. Eliyahu spent years studying with and assisting some of the world’s leading motivational and spiritual teachers. In 1990, Eliyahu dedicated his life to serving people in a non-profit organization, which allowed him to connect with thousands of people around the world looking to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Debbie Jian

– Teaching for 14 years

Debbie Jian has been a motivational and spiritual teacher for the past 21 years, helping women to connect to their true selves, understand their own unique gifts, and unleash their full potential.

Her own spiritual journey has led her to simple but powerful techniques, and she continues to work on various aspects of spirituality, as part of her quest to help women become beacons of light for individuals and the community as a whole.

Debbie’s teachings are focused on women’s issues on relationships. Over the years, she has taught courses from coast to coast as well as offering private counseling.

Michelle Shirin Alfi

Michelle Alfi is a Los Angeles native who practices Corporate Law as an Ethics and Compliance Lawyer. She has been studying spirituality for seven years and aspires to utilize the wisdom and share it with all of those in her life.

She is passionate about finding a way to assist others to grow spiritually, learn practical tools, and being a cause in one’s own life. Michelle enjoys outdoor activities such as running and hiking as well as the practice of Yoga.

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