Eliyahu Jian 950 v3 pab - Mystic Living Radio <em>with Eliyahu Jian</em>

Known for his keen sense of humor, contagious smile and extensive ability to simplify esoteric wisdom, Eliyahu translates deep spiritual wisdom into practical advice to empower you to live your happiest and most fulfilled existence. This hit show, delivers profound experiences for all who want to embrace a life filled with your deepest desires. Eliyahu brings forth a profound understanding of the mystical arts through astrology, dream interpretation, soul readings, and connecting to those who have passed on during this live call in show. You will experience spiritual mentoring in an unprecedented way as challenges are revealed and blockages removed. Get ready for dynamic engagement, rational conversations and special techniques to chart your soul’s path as you are guided through a deeper understanding of yourself, and a clear direction to help you cultivate a truly fulfilling future. Mystic Living Radio will help you reveal your deeper gifts and contributions and provide clarity for practical decisions in everyday life and intuitive choices in living your own unique powerful life.

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  • Wednesday June 14th 11am
  • Wednesday July 12th 11am
  • Tuesday August 15th 11am
  • Tuesday September 12th 11am
  • Wednesday October 18th 10am

All times shown are Pacific Time (Los Angeles)