New Moon

What is the new moon? The Kabbalistic calendar goes by the moon. Every 30 days the energy shifts. There are 12 months and each one has a different energy. In these lectures, we teach people what they can fully receive from each specific month. These classes will change your perspective on how you deal with life every month.

New Moon Pisces

Usually, the month of Pisces is a difficult month. Yet this month is the month of happiness and miracles. So how can this paradox be?

New Moon of Aries

The word Nissan, The month of Aries, means miracles. This month can hold us from falling. Why? What do we need to do to get miracles?


This month has the energy of healing. We have the capacity in this month to heal our body and our soul. Learn how in this class.

New Moon of Gemini

This month is the month for people who are afraid to be rebellious. This month makes things available for you more than any other month. You cannot sit back and think what people think about you, go out and fight!

New Moon of Leo

This is the month that is normally a bit negative. There were destructions in this month that happened thousands of years ago. At the same time, the 15th of the month is the day of Love it’s the perfect union between the sun and the moon. Learn more about this paradox in this class.

New Moon of Aquarius

Learn where we are for the year 2018!