Special string - Vital Transformation

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Special string



The blessed Red String – For Protection the color red is the foundation chakra which helps you to overcome fear. Use this string when you need protection or when you need to overcome insecurities. Try not to use it more than 52 days straight or it will become idol worshipping. Wear this string on the left hand, tied with either 3 or 10 knots.

The blessed Blue String – Opening of the Third Eye Opening the third eye, gaining clairvoyance, getting clarity on issues that seem foggy, are the blessing of the blue string. Wear this string on the right hand, as long as you seek answers.

The blessed Green String – Empowering your heart. Can be worn anywhere on your body. This string is infused with the energy of giving or attracting love into your soul. Use it to help you improve your relationships with people.