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Tikkunei HaZohar


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Explore ancient wisdoms with the Tikkunei haZohar for free! To send a little extra love, support and spirituality into the world right now, we’re offering you a free copy of this beautiful book to either brighten your day, or that of a friend or loved one in need of some kindness.

To buy or send a free copy of the Tikkunei Zohar to a friend or loved one, use the coupon ZOHARWITHLOVE at the check-out. Just pay a $10 flat shipping rate for each order that is shipped to a different address (there’s no limit to the number you order) and your spiritual gift will be on its way.

The Tikkunei haZohar is almost entirely in Aramaic, except for quotations from Tanakh that are used in building key lessons. The Aramaic of Tikkunei haZohar differs somewhat from the Aramaic of the Talmud, and from the Aramaic of the rest of the Zohar.

By Tikunei haZohar’s own account, the book was composed by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and his son Rabbi Elazar (see the story of their hiding in the cave, below), with contribution from the soul of Ra`aya Meheimna (The Faithful Shepherd, i.e. Moshe) and from Eliyahu, of blessed memory; and with help from the souls of Tzadikim, headed by the soul of Adam haRishon and several Sabbas (“Elders”) who came from Gan Eden to reveal new secrets of the Torah to Rabbi Shimon and his “Chevraya Kadisha” (“Holy Friends”). This accords with the text of Tikunei haZohar having a somewhat different a dialect from—and much less stylistic variation than—the rest of the Zohar was compiled by Rabbi Shimon.