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Rachel the Matriarch

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Today is the death anniversary of Rachel the Matriarch. We have all heard the story of how Rachel came to the Creator screaming and yelling with bitterness.

The Creator had asked Rachel: “Rachel, why are you crying”? And Rachel answered, “You want me to stop crying? How can I! What did my children do to you that they have to suffer?”

God told her, “Because they took idols and put them in my temple.” She said, “But look at me? I took my own sister and gave her the love of my life”.

“I didn’t want to embarrass my sister so I gave up the love of my life. I let go despite my pain, I did more than you God.”

“You’re the one who is supposed to be the merciful Creator, the one who forgives! You should let go, even a little, and have compassion for your people.”

Rachel refused to receive God’s sympathy and kindness as her voice grew louder and louder with cries for her children. She was not accepting what God had to say. She said, “I’m not only crying for the people of Israel not getting the mercy they need. I’m also crying for you God that your mercy has disappeared.” And with those words her crying increased.

She was inconsolable. Why, had God not been more involved in the education of the people of Israel? She wasn’t upset that he punished them, she was upset that he left them!

And so He swore that the day will come when she doesn’t have to cry anymore because she was the only one who dared to beg the Creator to get involved and not to leave them alone and not to punish them . On that day thousands of levels of consciousness shook. Everything was changed because of her soulful mourning.

On this day as we remember Rachel the Matriarch, we can ask for bravery like Rachel and secondly, we can ask God to be involved more directly in our life. Today you can have greater assurance that if God will be more involved in your life, things will get better.

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