Secrets to Spiritual Success

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Secrets to Spiritual Success

Oct 10, 2017

Every desire that we have is not just a passing desire that’s been influenced by external events or people. It’s a desire that’s been awakened from above.

What was created first? The desire for a mother to feed her child or the child’s desire to eat? Of course the desire for the mother to give was first and that’s why the child had the desire awaken within him.

Why am I mentioning this here? Because life everywhere in all aspects is about a mother and child. Meaning you should be aware of your receiving force as it relates to two things: The mother has enough milk and the more milk she’s giving you the more milk she’s creating. If you will be to worried about your receiving force from a place of not having you are effecting the milk of the mother. So the true receiving is you want to have something you don’t have or do you want to receive the milk your mother wants to give you. Now lets take it to the business aspect.

So when you are going to a business deal do you negotiate because you think you don’t have money or do you do it because you know that they want to give you money. This is a new approach to your success. The difference between a successful person and a non successful person is the approach . Are you approaching things because you know that the universe wants to give it to you or because you think you don’t have.

Now in the course of our daily life we will experience two types of awareness;

Awareness that comes from below, and awareness that comes from above.

Awareness that comes from below is connected to lack and the thought  that I don’t have and that’s why I want. Awareness that comes from above means that you are aware that the universe wants to give you so much and that’s why you want it.

The purpose of life is to connect to the awareness coming from above, or more specifically to connect to the fulfillment that’s coming from above and build a desire for it.

There is a constant relationship happening between us and the Creator. Where the Creator wants to awaken us to the endless fulfillment of his giving.

It is up to you to choose your thought process. Is your life going to be successful because the fulfiller wants to give you everything or is your life going to be successful because you think you need to manipulate the situation. If you look into it both ways will bring you the success you want but only one way will bring you true fulfillment which means happiness.

So the first step to start connecting to your true potential that the Creator wants to give you, is to check if what you want is coming from an inner place of lack or an inner place of fulfillment. I want to receive it because I know that the Creator wants to give it to me.

A red flag of a negative desire would be for example jealousy or feeling lonely or having fears, i.e. wanting a relationship because I’m lonely or wanting to have money because I’m poor.

Of course that approach has to change.  Meaning you need to know that if you are lonely and you are trying to draw people in your life so your loneliness will go away, there are three things that might happen to you ;either you will draw lonely people like you, or people who are not connected to you so you can control them, because of your loneliness and you really wont have a connection to them it will be empty, or you will end up at home with your fantasies of how life could have been much better if you had somebody, which will lead you to depression and sadness.

The lesson we have from this is that it’s enough to know that the

Creator wants to give us fulfillment and celebrate and get excited like It’s already there, then having excitement about desiring something that you don’t have. Meaning knowing that the fulfiller of the universe has all in store for you should excite you more than the desire of wanting something you don’t have and the excitement after you achieved your dreams. For example your goal this year is to make a certain amount of money. The desire is matching up exactly to how much the Creator wants to give. So here comes the big question, Can I desire more than what I want ,if the fulfiller wants to give me everything? And the answer simply is, it depends.  Do you really have it in you and you feel, know and are certain that it’s already there. If you don’t believe it’s already there then your body and your soul will not allow you to lie, and it will not go well. So it’s something you have to meditate on and to feel what is your fulfillment, not your desire.

The prayer should be as follows, and please recite it every morning in your own language;

“I’m praying to the higher wisdom of the Master of the World that you wake up within me the desire to receive the intelligence and the crowns that the Creator of the world wants to give me.”

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