So how do you know when to do what?


The study shows that when you sleep good, eat well and are less stressed your decision making is way better. The study was made with people who have a strange job, they decide if prisoners are ready to go home or not. What was seen from the study was that before lunch they were making a lot of wrong decisions. Can you imagine someone staying in prison because someone didn’t eat well or sleep well?.

From here we learn that your decision making is a very important thing and for that reason, you need to be relaxed, eat well and sleep well. From here we learn something very important in business, in life, relationships and for that matter in all areas –

in life, you are not getting what you want you are getting who you are.

The decisions you make every day have to come from an active decision making not passive decision making. If you run into a place that you no longer have a choice that means the universe made the decision for you and that means you lost control of your wagon and you might win or you might lose. If you are in a good place your chances just became a little higher. For that reason you need to know who you are.