Spirituality and Business

This course can help you develop your desire. The desire to make money and the desire to be happy while you are making money and becoming successful. An example from this course is learning how to take risks and being conscious of the fact that we are taking a risk. The question is how do I start? What are the steps? Does it mean that itʼs enough for me to go to college and make money? Of course, the answer is no. All these questions and more are being answered in this 4-week course.

Class 1 – Does Money have a Soul?

Business is spirituality, itʼs not two separate things. When you go to work itʼs not just about making money. The relationships you have between you and others and even within yourself is a spiritual component. You need to be a spiritual person to understand money. This will help you to happiness and success.

Class 2 – The difference between achieving and overcoming.

Most people want to achieve things in their life but not many people want to overcome things. What you want to overcome are things in your personality that you may need to get rid of in order to achieve your ultimate goals. This class will show you how to get to both aspects.

Class 3 – How do people perceive you in the marketplace?

We think our product is perfect but no one is buying it? Whatʼs happening? Who am I? What is my product? We need to build a bridge between who I am and who people think I am so that I can make things better in my business life. How do I get there? This class will give you the secret.

Class 4 – Is there a connection between business and spirituality?

If you look back thousands of years ago to the patriarchs they were rich. Money and success go hand in hand with spirituality. Success in business is also success in spirituality. Here we go deeper into the ties of the two aspects and how they are connected to the Creator.