Successful People Don’t Listen to the History Channel

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Successful People Don’t Listen to the History Channel

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What do I mean by that? The story of Joseph the Patriarch will help you understand.

In this week’s powerful portion of Mikketz we read Yosef is going to prison for something obviously he didn’t do. But he’s in prison, if he had let himself watch the “history channel” he could be in prison for the rest of his life till he died. For some reason he was not busy with the past and what was not fair, he was busy thinking about his way out, his future.

To become a rich successful person, to become someone you want to become you have to look into your discovery instead of history. History is about how one this happen to me, why did they do this to me. Now it doesn’t mean you’re wrong, you’re absolutely right, the lawyers took advantage, your spouse took advantage of your naivety, the doctors made a mistake. All those things truly happened. What they call on Wall Street tough luck.

Now the question is can you turn the tough luck into good luck? Can you turn a situation into a better situation? How do we do it? In order to learn how to do this we need to go to the story of Joseph and see all the details.

He jumped from being in the pit to be sold and the bowels of a jail to rot to become the richest in the world at his time. How do we do it too? I want to become rich like him, I want to be like Joseph how do I do it? Are there rules or tools on how to get there? The answer my friends is in the Zohar of Mikketz in the verse; וירצוהו מהבור.
The word means to run, but it also means to be content and satisfied. From here we learn that if a person is not happy and he is complaining all the time he can no longer connect to the discovery channel. He will always look at the history, his history, the history of his family and on and on. It’s what happens when you go to a museum. You can remember and view things that happened, but don’t get stuck there. Move on. What can we do about this universe as it is today to make it a better place to be? Because if we don’t do that then we are just waiting for time to pass and be buried. We will become grumpy old people. Usually around age 40-50 you can already hear people say there’s nothing they can do about their finance or relationship situations and they might not be wrong they actually might be right, but being right doesn’t make the situation better.

So, the question is what can we do to make it better? Get out of the pit and make it better. Initiate things and do things to make it better. Look to see what can I change about me and the situation. If every day your health money or looks don’t become better you are busy with the history channel. You are not wrong about the history that happened to you. History is not emotions, if it makes you cry it doesn’t serve its purpose. You need to turn and face another way and connect to your own discovery channel. No one cries when they see the discovery channel. They become full of wonder. People who are busy going back to the moment of problem and abuse wither away. Stand up like Joseph and move forward toward what you want to be and better yet who you want to be.

A dear friend of mine was going into court and he was so upset that the other side was lying. And I told him focus on the results, don’t focus on the wrong that was done to you. People will always do wrong by us, but we cannot focus on that. Yes, they lied and they are evil. What are you going to do? You want to write a song about it and do a show on the history channel? Or, do you want to say I’m here to become successful and that thing in my way is my jumping board to becoming successful. It’s what’s going to make me successful at what I am.
That’s the question my friends, are you ready to become successful? Are you ready to switch channels or do you want to get stuck in the history channel? Those of you who want to make a difference don’t keep talking for a year about what happened to you in the past. Only talk about the future when you meet people. What are your goals what do you want to achieve? Once you speak like that people will relate to you. Doors to possibility will open and like Joseph you can be released to become the success the Creator intended you to be.

Have a blessed day!

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