The first twelve days of Aries - Vital Transformation

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The first twelve days of Aries

Rabbi Eliyahu Jian’s guidance for the first twelve days of Aries is a spiritual framework intended to synchronize an individual’s actions and mindset with the cosmic energies represented by the twelve zodiac signs. Each sign corresponds to a specific month of the year, and the advice for each day (running from night to night) is designed to plant seeds of intention and behavior that will bloom throughout the coming year. This period of twelve days acts as a microcosm, where each day’s focus is meant to influence its corresponding month, thereby offering a blueprint for personal development and spiritual growth.

Here’s the advice given for each period, offering a structured path to personal growth and awareness:

April 8th (Night) to April 9th (Night) – Aries

  • Do: Embrace spontaneity, start new projects, and give generously, focusing on appreciating your inner worth and beauty.
  • Avoid: Negative impulses like anger or harmful speech, and concern over others’ perceptions of you.

April 9th (Night) to April 10th (Night) – Taurus

  • Do: Contemplate additions to your life and assess your material and financial well-being thoughtfully.
  • Avoid: Laziness, dwelling on what could have been, and eating without hunger.

April 10th (Night) to April 11th (Night) – Gemini

  • Do: Find joy in new beginnings and acknowledge the positives in your life.
  • Avoid: Lack of focus and speaking negatively about others.

April 11th (Night) to April 12th (Night) – Cancer

  • Do: Be sensitive and caring towards those around you, investing in close relationships.
  • Avoid: Taking offense easily, seeking revenge, or holding grudges.

April 12th (Night) to April 13th (Night) – Leo

  • Do: Lead with confidence and generosity, recognizing your unique value without seeking external approval.
  • Avoid: The desire for recognition or titles.

April 13th (Night) to April 14th (Night) – Virgo

  • Do: Reflect on personal improvements and appreciate both your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Avoid: Judging others without full understanding.

April 14th (Night) to April 15th (Night) – Libra

  • Do: Recognize your positive qualities and contemplate your purpose in the world, seeking reconciliation where needed.
  • Avoid: Negative self-talk and self-criticism.

April 15th (Night) to April 16th (Night) – Scorpio

  • Do: Approach life with passion and urgency, as if it were your last day.
  • Avoid: Harmful competition and envy.

April 16th (Night) to April 17th (Night) – Sagittarius

  • Do: Manifest miracles for yourself and wish them upon your loved ones, maintaining optimism.
  • Avoid: Saying things you might regret for years to come.

April 17th (Night) to April 18th (Night) – Capricorn

  • Do: Assess your life’s achievements and unmet goals with seriousness.
  • Avoid: Despair, understanding that everything happens for a reason.

April 18th (Night) to April 19th (Night) – Aquarius

  • Do: Embrace joy, smile for no reason, and show love to those close to you in a playful, unorganized manner.
  • Avoid: Forcing your spiritual or moral beliefs on others.

April 19th (Night) to April 20th (Night) – Pisces

  • Do: Introspect to identify and overcome barriers to being your true self.
  • Avoid: Reverting to old habits or addictions, particularly as you prepare for spiritual renewal.
Jamieson Apr 09, 2024

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