The Writings of ARI

Rabbi Isaac Luria, known as the Ari, lived 500 years ago and is buried in the city of Safed in the northern part of Israel. The Ari discovered all the mystic secrets of Kabbalah. This course takes us to the true purpose and the essence of our soul. Each and every one of us has a different purpose in this life. We need to know where we come from, so we know where we are going, and don’t repeat the same mistakes. This universe is about removing what we did wrong so that we can connect to what we did right. Most people are busy beating themselves up about mistakes they made but there is no reason for that. There is a technology in getting rid of all the negativities we want to be rid of. This topic and more will be covered in the Writings of the Ari class.

Classes in The Writings of ARI

  • Class 1 – Five Parts of the Soul
  • Class 2 – Spiritual Cleansing
  • Class 3 – The Rewards of Pain
  • Class 4 – The Difference Detween Reincarnation and Ibur
  • Class 5 – Why do We Reincarnate?
  • Class 6 – How to Achieve Divine Inspiration
  • Class 7 – Reincarnation
  • Class 8 – Spiritual Connection between Teacher and Student
  • Class 9 – Demons and Being Possessed