The Writings of the Ari Class

Rabbi Isaac Luria, known as the Ari, lived 500 years ago and buried in the city of Safed in the northern part of Israel. The Ari was the one who discovered all the mystic secrets of Kabbalah. This course takes us to the true purpose and the essence of our soul. Each and every one of us has a different purpose in this life. We need to know where we come from so we know where we are going and so we don’t repeat the same mistakes we made. This universe is about removing what I did wrong so that I can connect to what I did right. Most people are busy beating themselves up about mistakes they made but there is no reason for that. There is a technology in getting rid of all the negativities we want to be rid of. This topic and more will be covered in the Writings of the Ari class.

Class 1 – Five Parts of the Soul

The concept of reincarnation is one of the main things that Rabbi Isaac Luria dealt with. Why is it so important? Most people come to this life with a job to do. Our connection to the Creator is very important. Through reincarnation, we can understand why we are here and what our purpose in life is and strengthen our connection with the Creator.

Class 2 – Spiritual Cleansing

The idea of spiritual cleansing is because when a person commits a sin the negative aspect is attached to their soul. What is the Tikkun? What is the correction that needs to be done? This class will explain why spiritual cleansing needs to be done.

Class 3 – The Rewards of Pain

Normally people look at pain as punishment. According to Kabbalists and according to Rabbi Isaac Luria, pain is a way to remove negativity that has attached to the soul and the body and through that, we don’t have to go through anything worse. In this class, we will go deeper into this subject.

Class 4 – The difference between Reincarnation and Ibur

There are two types of reincarnation and two types of Ibur. Reincarnation is when a person dies so he can come back in another lifetime. Ibur is when a person is alive and another soul of another person joins him so that soul can do a positive action together with the living person. Let’s delve more into this!

Class 5 – Why do we Reincarnate?

If we get to the bottom line of everything what’s the purpose of reincarnation. There are a few reasons for reincarnation. One is that there are certain precepts in the Torah that we should not do and if we do them we have to come back to correct it, second is you forget to do one of the precepts you should be doing, we will go deeper into the rest of these reasons in this class.

Class 6 – How to Achieve Divine Inspiration

There are angels that talk to us and tell us the future, based on the quality of your studies and your positive actions that’s how accurate and positive they will be. Learn how it connects to Divine Inspiration through a story and studies that Eliyahu gives here..

Class 7 – Reincarnation

This lecture explains what type of people reincarnate into what kind of reincarnations.

Class 8 – Spiritual Connection between Teacher and Student

The explanation of the importance of teacher and student relationship and some more background and stories of the Ari is what we will be sharing in this class.

Class 9 – Demons and Being Possessed

A person can fall to the dark side and it can be very difficult to get out of it. The cleansing itself is not an easy thing to do. When you are thinking to do something negative it’s not necessarily you, it may be a force that is pushing you to do it. Now those negative forces are negative souls that were not able to reincarnate. In this class, we will share stories of this nature.