Time for a Human Spirit Check Up! By Eliyahu Jian

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Human Spirit Check Up
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Time for a Human Spirit Check Up! By Eliyahu Jian

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Human Spirit Check Up

Our reverence for the undying human spirit is what movies and inspirations are built on and what makes us stand tall and proud and cheer. But what about you? You and your human spirit?

The other day I was watching a kid wrestling with his mom to change her mind about getting coffee at the coffee counter, and instead of going with him to the toy section to get a toy he wanted. The child was 3 years old, just a little boy, and the mom being stronger carried her son with one hand with her cell phone in the other, back to the coffee counter, but of course, he squirmed and cried, fighting against being carried off.

I’m going to let you guess who won. But it wasn’t without a lot of chaos let me tell you! The mom got back to the counter, put her son down, paid for her coffee, but her son quickly ran off again, making the mom spill her coffee as she chased him.  In the end, she not only spilled her coffee, but made the little boy cry over and over, and yet he refused to take no for an answer.

Finally. Mom gave up struggling, bought the boy his toy, went back, bought another coffee and the two sat contentedly in a booth, happy at last to have what they both wanted.

It’s a cute childhood story we see every day and probably have a story like that of our own. What we are witnessing, of course, is the beauty of the budding human spirit demanding to be heard.  Determined to get what it wants.

I share this story to share with you the nature of the human spirit as it starts at a young age.  We are born with it.  In fact, my teacher would often use as an example of how doctors check the health of a baby when it is born.  They check to see how firmly the baby’s fists are clamped shut, the healthier the baby the tighter the fist, showing the determination of “I want”.

My teacher called it, the innate desire to receive; we are all born with it, raw desire to receive.  And that desire is what the creator designs as the vessel to hold the Light that enables the desire to be fulfilled.  Without a vessel, we have no means to hold the light.

What happens as we get older, and get beaten down with the entire No’s” in life. Some of us have already lost our human sprint desperately trying to please others, doing things that make sense according to books, or nutrition, or society. We get separated from our own human spirit hunger for its own unique voice to have expression.

That’s why seeing that little boy was sad as much as it was funny because we forget the importance of building our spirit. It is a treasure inside of us that we should never ever lose, you can never, never and again never, never lose the human spirit. The way you know your human spirit is still alive is to check how much you push yourself to do things that you are capable of doing in your potential.

It’s not just about facing or knowing your fear like in my other article, it knows what you know you can’t achieve yet, that impossible goal and yet you have the hutzpah to try to go for it anyhow!   That’s why we cheer the athlete making a basket in the 3-point shot, or the football players determination and it’s the “Hail Mary” delivery into the hands of wide receiver, or in business its asking for one million even if you’re not sure you are on that level or asking someone out on a date even though you might think it’s hopeless!

How many times do you find yourself saying, “I always wanted to do that”.  Fill in the blanks.  Where have you stopped cold to try one more time?  Each time we step back, the fire in us grown a little bit dimmer.

I hope all of us will find the baby in us again and find our way back to our own human spirit.  What would it take to be like that 3-year-old who is saying to us, “don’t ever give up!”

It’s time to give your human spirit a check-up and re-discover what your soul is holding on to, waiting for you to claim it.

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