Vital Transformation offers its students a path toward a successful life in both their spiritual as well as physical aspects.

While Vital Transformation works with a wide variety of students from a number of countries and backgrounds, we don’t work with everyone. There a number of people who are not suitable for our education. And while personal situations can and do change, we’re probably not a good fit for you if:

  • If you are closed minded about your spiritual path or religion

    We teach based on Kabbalah and kabbalistic teachings, these teachings are spiritual and can be implemented with any religion or belief system.

  • If your spiritual work and studies are not a priority for you

    A student needs to at least invest an hour a week of studying and to implement them in their daily life.

  • If you are looking at spirituality as a quick fix

    Spirituality is an ongoing process and is not hocus pocus magic.

  • If you are looking for the change to come from outside instead of within

    We believe that spirituality is an internal work. The answers never come from outside rather we have everything inside of us.

  • We are not board certified psychologists, psychiatrists or nutritionists. If you need help in those areas please contact a professional.

    We CAN help you to motivate yourself to get to those places.