What is Kabbalah ?
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What is Kabbalah?

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What is Kabbalah ?

I would like to share with you some words of wisdom on the mystical yet practical subject called Kabbalah. The word Kabbalah if you translate from Hebrew means acceptance or receiving.

As we all know the engine that drives our entire existence is the force of receiving. To simplify it, think about this while you are reading my article:

While you are walking, breathing the air that keeps us alive you are experiencing an example of that force of wanting.

People who have lost their desire and craving, no longer are really living.  Some just exist on auto-pilot waiting to die and others stay struck while saying “I wish”, “I should”,  “I would” because they feel like they are missing the train.

The wisdom of Kabbalah has existed since Adam and Eve were created, meaning since the first human experience occurred. And a central tenet of that gift of sacred wisdom teaches us that the innate force of receiving was instilled in us right from the beginning, by God.

It also tells us when that gift is not used correctly; it can turn into the biggest curse for humankind. Or, as they say: ‘too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”.

Think about things that give you the most amount of pleasure and try to do them over and over!  You would soon get turned off. That’s because the engine called DESIRE needs to be handled correctly. Needs to be approached correctly

The Kabbalists are teaching us that before the creation of our physical universe, before the creation of humanity animals and vegetables, before the creation of the sun and the moon, the almighty one, the force, the divine, the Creator, God whatever name you feel comfortable with created only one simple thing and that was DESIRE.

That DESIRE was simply the ability to hold all the great pleasures that the Creator had in mind to give from the bounty of its own Nature. So the sharing energy of the Almighty One created a receiving intelligence.

That receiving intelligence can be used for good or can kill you by addiction or obsession. I’m sure you’re familiar with the verse in the book of Genesis that says. “Do not eat from the tree of knowledge because you will die”. What did God mean?

He meant to tell Adam that within the tree of knowledge there is a desire which is the original desire that God created. A desire for all the wonderful things to come to fruition, but you have to be ready to get there.

So let’s explain it in our own daily language. You cannot stop wanting everything and at the same time, you can’t have everything. How does this paradox work?

The Creator is offering us different levels of desire. The strength of the desire is based on your ability to let go of that desire and yet hold on to wanting it at the same time.

I’ll give another example.  Try to imagine that you desire to eat 10 donuts. Your desire level now equals 10 donuts. Are you capable of letting go of those 10 donuts once you have them in your domain?  If not, what’s happening is that those 10 donuts will give you a feeling of fulfillment and your desire will be dismissed, which means you will have the 10 donuts but you won’t enjoy them.

What would you rather have 1 donut that you won’t enjoy or 1 donut that will give you the joy of one? The universe is operating with an engine of desire and above you; there is a curtain to prevent you from receiving absolutely everything you want. Every time you receive everything you want you are burning yourself, meaning you are burning your desire level and because of that to enjoy and appreciate and feel more comfortable your desire will have to get smaller, become diminished so as to not feel the pain of having everything at once and destroying the happiness it can bring One DONUT

God, in a merciful way, is making our desires smaller and this results in a diminihed feeling kabbalists called Mussaf, meaning, curtain. This curtain is preventing you from going for all your desire all at once

Every human being wants to swallow the world whole. Money, pride, respect, honor, and all the rest. The curtain is a metaphysical construct to prevent us from burning out.

So that is the paradox we need to understand from the tree of knowledge good and bad. If you are capable of having 1 billion and at the same time you can let go of your desire for the 1 billion, when you receive it, it will last.

If you have the ability to have any type of fun and joy, AND are able to share it right away, not because of manners only, but because of having mastered the secrets of Kabbalistic technology then the process assures that you keep your desire going and you don’t burn out.

It is then that your life will become one of desire for more sharing what you receive and your life will become sustained with a continuity of continuous enjoyment. Your appreciation will grow, as well as, your awe for a Creator who created a system where you can genuinely have it all!

I am here to teach you the secret of bringing that kind of continuity into your life and the life of all humanity as well.

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