Why Did the Creator Create This Universe?

In 1922 Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, one of the greatest Kabbalists of all time, wrote a commentary on Rabbi Isaac Luria’s, Tree of Life, which is a section of the writings
of the Ari where the Ari asks: What happened before creation, before God, before Genesis?

Imagine, just thinking about that concept is so amazing!

Finally in1942, Rabbi Ashlag put together a commentary on this mighty work by the Ari that would be clear for you and me to begin to understand the answers to such questions, — taking us to a time before time, taking you and me on a journey even before the Garden of Eden.

Why? To teach us the purpose of the Creator, this creation, and answers the question: Why did the Creator create this universe?

What I love is one verse of his commentary in particular, in which Rabbi Ashlag states that the central cause of all of man’s suffering is a lack of understanding of the fundamental secrets of why we are here.

The study of Rabbi Ashlag’s, Talmud of the Ten Sephirot, is an in-depth study. It is a complex study with strange vocabulary that needs to be learned. And yet, for those students who are willing to put in the effort, here is a secret….

Rabbi Ashlag assures us, that those who invest effort will be awarded a cleansing of their souls, their negativity will be washed away by their perseverance in their study and struggle to understand the most profound meanings of the secrets found in his Talmud of the Ten Sephirot.

So, I encourage you to join me for this study and urge you to begin to listen and absorb the energy emanating from this uniquely powerful and beneficial spiritual work on the Ten Sephirot.

Whether by live streaming or in person here in LA, we welcome your participation as we grow in wisdom together and bring us closer to redemption for all.