Why Study Tikkunei Zohar?

What is Kabbalah ?

Kabbalist sages have written: “whoever studies Tikkunei Zohar, it is promised to them to connect to the power of miracles and to convert chaos in your life into order. It may sound too good to be true, but now, with the launching of Vital Transformation’s new Tikkunei Zohar class, you have the opportunity to test drive the transformational power of this awesome spiritual text for yourself.

It was only three years ago that Kabbalists were given permission to share Tikkunei Zohar with the masses, believing it was for this generation that it’s energy was most needed to support the ushering in of Messiah in our time.
Indeed, Tikkunei Zohar is the ONLY kabbalist text that reveals the upper three triads of Keter, Hochmah, and Binah. The word, Tikunei can be interpreted as: correction, to establish. and foundation.
In it, it’s author, the great Kabbalist sage, Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai divulges the secrets hidden within 70 facets of Torah found in just one word: Bereishit:

This is not just another nice study! We are actually studying the secrets to any book, it is ALL hidden within this Zohar. And it promises us, that those who study
it, will find correction. It actually corrects our souls, making our lives better and bringing peace.

There are many secrets to how this transpires, and all of it will be revealed in class as we embark together to go over line by line every verse from many angles. Yes,
it is a MERIT to study Tikkunei Zohar. Will you understand it?

Many will not, but the sheer effort to be in the room to absorb the energy will bring you not only understanding, but blessings in your life as well. Come join us!