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Vital Transformation

Is designed to guide people toward a successful life in both  their spiritual as well as physical aspects.

A spiritual, or religious life alone does not indicate a truly successful life.  A truly successful life is best measured by integrating spiritual achievement with physical achievement.

“I once met a gentleman who took me on his private jet. He was totally shut off from his spiritual dimension, yet he tried to tell me the spiritual/metaphysical dimension was pure myth! He had convinced himself there was no proof.”

My answer was simple.  “Spirituality is not proven with a purely physical, or intellectual perspective.  I can only tell you there are two engines inside you driving and motivating your life, and you must feed both of them to live and understand the mystery and beauty of life fully. One is physical and one is spiritual.”

The spiritual engine nurtures and expands your capacity to love,  to enjoy happiness, enhance your communication from  one soul to another soul and from soul to God. Your physical engine takes care of your strong desire to exist, your desire to be successful (even if it includes ego). Your desire to be on top of the food chain and make money, and your desire to be brave.

Vital transformation includes feeding both engines.

We believe that if we combine both engines you will not be a spiritual person who walks with holes in the bottom of his shoes and has no place to sleep, and you won’t be the rich person who travels on a private jet, but can’t connect to his soul.

God meant always to give us the greatness of these two engines.

What we are here to offer you is a place that will develop these two skills that you are already born with to their maximum potential. Of course there is the aspect of reading the soul; this is just a tool to tell you what you need to work on more, the physical or spiritual aspect, or both.

We want to invite you on this amazing journey with us and would love to see you reach your potential with us and eventually help other people to reach their potential.


When you as a leader want to help people get to a better future a better life you need to do something internally that you have never done before, you need to overcome your fear. The fear is not a physical fear of jumping from a plane or climbing Mt Everest, rather a spiritual fear. True leaders are those who went within and were brave to make a change that would effect everyone else around them for the better. In this lecture Eliyahu gives examples of this type of bravery.



Your Membership Access to Vital Transformation offers you your own virtual success coaching to make 2018 a year of dynamic growth and personal fulfillment.

With your membership link to live streaming, weekly classes, and over 100 cataloged videos offering deep,instructive, inspirational life enhancing mentoring, with new offerings several times a week throughout the year.

On demand learning was never so easy and for so little!


$26.00 per Month



$180per Year


Life Changing Classes

Acceptance by Eliyahu Jian

If you look at the word Kabbalist in Hebrew which is mekubal means acceptance. If we look at our universe one of the most important things people are looking for is to be accepted . Why? Where did the drive come from? It’s a force, an energy that is in everything around us , people , nature , the Creator. This class will open your eyes as to why acceptance is so important in our world.

Clarity and seeing the future

It is very important to be clear. When we want to make a decision without all the pieces of information it is almost impossible to do. So what do we do ? Is there a way to achieve clarity ? There is a way to connect to the future and even effect the future. In this lecture Eliyahu will give you some examples and tools on how to do and will take you step by step so you will know how to use these tools to achieve clarity in your life .

Magic of success

Spiritually when we are not successful it has to do with three things; conscious mind , subconscious mind and spirituality. Conscious mind means your friendships, your nutrition and your physical environment. Subconscious means what is going on in your brain, in your mind. Are you raising your above the five senses. Spirituality means are you following in your life some kind of a spiritual path ? The Creator wants to give you everything and if you have blockages they need to be taken care of. This lecture will delve into the secrets and magic of success .


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Vital Transformation has given me a new perspective on life, love and connection to the divine. This helped me tremendously through some pretty difficult times in my life.

Corina Barbu Financial services adviser

VT has shown me a life I truly want to live.
VT has given me direction and purpose.
VT shown me joy in all that I do.
VT has opened my eyes.

Yvette Broder Investment adviser

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VT is reshaping my life,
one miracle at a time.

Sandra Winninger F&R Interiors, Custom Window Treatment

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