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  • Spirituality is not for the receiver; it’s for the giver.

    Giving is the core of our entire existence.

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    Roxana Lobera

    Eliyahu and Debbie are the real deal! They are committed to making a difference in the community. I have learned to overcome serious health challenges and free myself from false doctrines that only limit humanity in our connection with the Creator.

    Daniel Tzinker

    Eliyahu is a great teacher. I’ve known him for 10 years. He is humble and never judges others. He is very knowledgeable and inspiring if you are a single mom or CEO he can guide you to a better you.

Your Journey Starts with Us

This Is Our Promise

We believe that every person can become better, happier, more successful and fulfilled by embracing our teachings.

Vital Transformation empowers people of all backgrounds, groups, and statuses to recapture their inner strength and balance, and to achieve their goals through our spiritual and physical coaching.

Each class is designed to solve a number of human issues. Choose the path that’s best for you and live a better life.

This Is Our Promise Your Journey Starts with Us
Your journey

About Us

Vital Transformation was founded in 2016, from decades of devotion to Kabbalah and two lifetimes of spirituality. It is a platform of various spiritual experiences and tools which help people better understand themselves and their purpose in life. Our seminars are for all individuals, from beginner to advanced, seeking knowledge, spiritual growth and success.

We encourage those who take their journey with us to spread this gift to others.

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  • What You'll Learn

    Meet Eliyahu

    Eliyahu Jian
    - Kabbalah Teacher for 28 years

    For nearly three decades, Eliyahu Jian has been an accomplished LA-based Kabbalah teacher, psychic, coach, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher, and spiritual advisor to men and women of all ages and backgrounds. He encourages people to create stronger relationships, improve their secular lives, and create healthier lifestyles by embracing a connection to a higher purpose and power.

  • What You'll Learn

    Meet Debbie

    Debbie Jian
    - Teaching for 14 years

    Debbie Jian, Eliyahu Jian’s wife and partner has been the core asset in helping Vital Transformation successfully bring its vision to life. As a follower of Kabbalah, a spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker herself, Debbie brings a new perspective and new techniques to their vision. She incorporates her vision with an astounding ability to help women to connect to their true selves and unleash their full potential.

Seek Balance and Happiness

What You Will Learn:

Our Classes

We want to take you beyond self-help and guide you into a transformed life. Our classes are designed to teach you how to become the best version of yourself.

Authentic Kabbalah

Authentic Kabbalah

Eliyahu Jian comes from a long line of experienced Kabbalists. Access the knowledge of Kabbalah without cost and like never before.
 Importance of Studying

Importance of Studying

The more information you learn and study, the greater your knowledge. Studying results in greater success.
 Define Your Goals

Define Your Goals

Ask yourself, what is my goal? Apply the classes to your own personal goals and find success and fulfillment.
 Handle Stress

Handle Stress

There are two types of stress; self-imposed and external. Free yourself from both.


Find your purpose in life. Explore, define and pursue your place in the universe.
Take Care of Your Body

Take Care of Your Body

When you sleep and eat well, you are less stressed, and your decision-making is better. Learn how to take care of your body and physical state of being.
Kabbalistic Teachings

Our Classes

Our classes are an always-growing series based on the study of authentic Kabbalah–an ancient, powerful teaching which can be implemented with any religion or belief system, which will help you grow on your personal journey.

Kabbalah classes

Beginners Class

Kabbalah Gym

A blended course to enhance your physical and mental strength. This course will guide you in the best ways to build yourself personally through new thinking, new actions and spiritual growth.
Beginners Class

Leadership Class

In this course you will be able to discover your individual strengths as a leader and deepen your understanding of your own spiritual identity.
Beginners Class

Pearls of Wisdom

A deep dive into the wisdom of Kabbalah, through a Kabbalist’s point of view. You will learn to strengthen your ability to attain knowledge and understanding, while discovering the meaning of life.

שיעורים בעברית

Hebrew Class

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We welcome you to join our community of members for discussions, connection, and learning. Members of Vital Transformation receive access to a variety of tools and seminars that will help guide you on your journey. 

  • Over 200 hours of Kabbalistic studies
  • Lessons on the secret knowledge of the Tikkunei Zohar to the basic knowledge of Kabbalah Gym
  • Commitment to people of all religions and faiths
Sign up for a membership with Vital Transformation Sign up for a membership with Vital Transformation

The Laughing Billionaire How to Become Rich and Happy

Says Eliyahu: “There are many millionaires and billionaires, but few are fulfilled. Few live the ultimate billionaire lifestyle. My aim with this book is to give you the tools for psychological, physical, and spiritual transformation. These tools, in turn, will enable you to lead a billionaire lifestyle—one in which all your soul’s desires are met. You will become happy.”

By this definition, being a billionaire is not just about money. It is a metaphor for living a meaningful, spiritually fulfilling and happy life,…that in turn removes the barriers from allowing the Creator to bring you whatever you desire in life—whether it is money or other rewards.

Eliyahu Jian

«Billionaire is a state of mind, not just how much money you have»

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Event location: 1471 South Crest Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90035

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