power of kabbalah

What Is Kabbalah?

I would like to share with you some words of wisdom on the mystical yet practical subject called Kabbalah. The word Kabbalah if you translate from Hebrew means acceptance or receiving.

As we all know the engine that drives our entire existence is the force of receiving. To simplify it, think about this while you are reading my article:

While you are walking, breathing the air that keeps us alive you are experiencing an example of that force of wanting. read more >>

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kabbalah gym

Kabbalah Gym

The word Kabbalah means to receive. What is the concept of receiving ? We are a receiver. Kabbalah is teaching us that whatever shapes us is the amount of desire we have to receive from the Creator

Kabbalah Gym Meditation

Kabbalah Gym Meditation

When we talk about meditation we are talking about reaching in, looking inside. The meditations are coming from Rabbi Avraham Abulafia a famous Kabbalist from Sicily and he taught the secrets of reaching your soul.

Spirituality & Business

Spirituality and business

This course can help you develop your desire. The desire to make money and the desire to be happy while you are making money and becoming successful.

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