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  • Spirituality is not for the receiver; it’s for the giver.

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    Flourish under the guidance of Co-Founder, inspirational coach and Kabbalah teacher Eliyahu – who’s shared his motivational sessions and strategies to CEOs and professional athletes through to entertainment superstars for almost three decades.

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Explore our video series. Rediscover the life, happiness, & power you deserve.

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Mystical Knowledge

Move to the next level. Using the growth and success from Step 1, add mystical studies of the Kabbalah and it’s wisdom to your personal tool kit, and increase your results in life.


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Going to the next level never stops for the successful.

Advanced students have experienced the value learnings & continue here with more challenges, lectures & lessons that dive into ancient Kabbalistic teachings.


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Spiritual Development

Our free video series unlocks your potential and empower you to succeed on all levels, including spiritual. Each video contains a life challenge you must take to grow.

Pair your study & challenges in the first 12 videos with Eliyahu Jian’s book “The Laughing Billionaire: How to Become Rich & Happy.”


Spiritual Development
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Rediscovering Your Happiness & Power - Video #1

WATCH & DO THE CHALLENGE: Raise up your hands, and say: "I'm opening up myself to receive the true happiness and the true power that the universe wants to give me."

Rediscovering Your Happiness & Power - Video #2

WATCH & DO THE CHALLENGE: Choose one person who hurt you. Sit with yourself. Then say, to them, "I forgive you."

Rediscovering Your Happiness & Power - Video #3

WATCH & DO THE CHALLENGE: "Take one thing that you dream about, but haven't done because of the shame or fear that's attached to it...Now...go ahead and do it."

Success Stories

  • Michelle A.
    Vital Transformation Student

    After a healing session with Eliyahu, [my illness] was gone. And for me, that gift of being able to heal, it’s not only about me having had this healing experience myself, but many of my friends and close family members who have had health problems their whole lives, have had healing sessions and have had miraculous results.

  • Rob W
    Vital Transformation Student

    Rob W. explains his awesome experience as part of Vital Transformation-- feeling supported by the group, and part of the community. Join us at vitaltransformation.org for free weekly classes, free guided sessions, and access to private coaching sessions with Celebrity Life Coach and Spiritual Guide Eliyahu Jian. Improve your LIFE and rediscover your happiness & power.

  • Benjamin N
    Vital Transformation Student

    Benjamin overcame his personal problems, confronted his addictions, no matter what they are, and learned to face his fears and discover the new him. He came out of the closet, found unconditional love with Debbie and Eliyahu and the support he needed to overcome his divorce. Join us at vitaltransformation.org for free weekly classes, free guided sessions, and access to private coaching sessions with Celebrity Life Coach and Spiritual Guide Eliyahu Jian. Improve your LIFE and rediscover your happiness & power.

  • Sandra W
    Vital Transformation Student

    When you practice what you preach it makes life sweeter for you and those around you. Are you looking for guidance from teachers whose predictions come true--who show you the path to enlightenment and success that works for the most famous people on the planet. The spiritual path that raises you up when everyone else is down? This is your chance to join Celebrity Psychic, & Spiritual and Life Coaches, Eliyahu & Jian of Vital Transformation for a coaching session.

  • Rob B
    Vital Transformation Student

    Have you come to a crossroads in your life? Ready for the next part of your journey? Take your next steps with fullness of life and great direction under your wings.

  • Mac N
    Vital Transformation Student

    “Just because you're spiritual doesn't mean you don't have challenges." But adding a spiritual element to your life helps you get through your challenges more easily and with more direction.

Your Journey Starts with Us

This Is Our Promise

At our very core, we all have the power to achieve happiness, love, passion and real wealth in our lives. Vital Transformation is simply here to unlock that hidden power and guide you to the place you truly want to be. We will equip you with a vast array of tools, techniques, and strategies on your journey to happiness because we believe that everyone – no matter who they are or where they are from – deserves guidance, motivation, and inspiration to help them shine. That’s why Vital Transformation is dedicated to delivering free, easily accessible and highly practical content for all. For those seeking a truly high level of being and awareness, or extra support on their journey, we additionally provide valuable and personalized healing and guidance sessions that can be booked directly with Eliyahu to generate long-lasting change and transformation.


Our Benefits


Discover an emotionally healthier you through Vital Transformation’s sessions and teachings that seek to remove stress, anxiety and anger from your life and provide strategies for achieving healthy relationships and greater peace and tranquility.


Flourish personally and spiritually. Develop and nurture your inner power and strength to reach the next spiritual level.


Promote positive change in your life while fostering community connections and inspiring others to become better versions of themselves.

  • Meet Eliyahu

    Eliyahu Jian

    It was the desire to help others unlock their potential and cultivate true happiness that originally inspired Eliyahu Jian to dive into the world of coaching, motivational speaking and spiritual advising. That was almost 30 years ago, and since then the Kabbalah teacher and author has poured countless hours and energy into healing others, providing life and spiritual advice and empowering thousands of people to become the best versions of themselves.

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  • Meet Debbie

    Debbie Jian
    - Teaching for 14 years

    Debbie Jian, Eliyahu Jian’s wife and partner has been the core asset in helping Vital Transformation successfully bring its vision to life. As a follower of Kabbalah, a spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker herself, Debbie brings a new perspective and new techniques to their vision. She incorporates her vision with an astounding ability to help women to connect to their true selves and unleash their full potential.