Vital Transformation empowers people of all backgrounds, religions, marital, family, genders and financial standings to recapture their inner strength, balance and happiness and achieve their goals with our spiritual and physical coaching. Classes are designed to solve a complete range of human issues. Choose the healthiest path for you. Choose your journey with us.

If you join us in the journey to better your life and embrace our teachings, your life will improve. This is our promise. You will contribute to and get more out of your everyday life, your relationships, your business and your spirituality. We promise that you will heal and repair broken relationships with others and with yourself, that you will grow, find deep relief and answers to questions you’ve been asking for years.

To get there, you must be open about your spiritual path and religion. We ask you to take this process seriously and prioritize your growth and invest at least an hour per week of studying and implementation. Your success is not a quick fix. It is an ongoing process which must be cultivated. Your success is not dependent on outside factors but rather by your discovery of everything inside of you.

What You'll Learn

Reach your potential in all areas of your life through the vital transformation classes and tools.

Authentic Kabbalah

The best way to study authentic Kabbalah is by starting to read any books, the wrong ones, and the authentic ones.

Important to study

The more information and knowledge out there that you can learn and by studying the knowledge you will grow your desire.

Define your Goals

What is a goal? A goal is related to a desire. So desire and goals are equal. What is my goal? Let’s say my goal is to have 7.1 million dollars.

Handle Stress

There are two types of stress; stress that comes from taking too much on yourself.

Self Discovery

The universe is generous when you are generous with a smile and love then the universe gives back.

When to do what

The study shows that when you sleep good, eat well and are less stressed your decision making is way better.

We teach based on Kabbalah and kabbalistic teachings. These spiritual teachings can be implemented with any religion or belief system. Vital Transformation’s classes are designed to help you grow at your own pace:

Beginners Classes

Beginner classes offer an introduction to the world of spirituality and to your Vital Transformation. Start your journey to improving your life, health, relationships or just plain happiness. The Beginner foundation sets the base for the user to be able to go on and delve deeper into the studies of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Gym Meditation class gives users practical tools that they can use on a daily or weekly basis to connect with themselves.

Pearls of wisdom

Kabbalist teach us that we need to study and be educated. These classes are different subjects that cover what life is all about from a Kabbalistic point of view.

Kabbalah Gym

Kabbalah + Gym Class = “Kabbalah Gym.” Like taking care of your body everyday at the gym, Kabbalah Gym is Vital Transformation’s practice of encouraging a daily spiritual practice.

Leadership Class

These classes are aimed to build teachers and leaders and people who want to make a difference in the world. Learn better to lead. Lead better through learning.

Kabbalah Gym meditation

When we talk about meditation we are talking about reaching in, looking inside. The meditations are coming from Rabbi Avraham Abulafia a famous Kabbalist from Sicily.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate classes are a bridge between the foundation and diving deeper into the advanced courses. You will begin to hear different terminology of Kabbalah and go more into the spiritual teachings of not just “self help” but of the tools and wisdom of Kabbalah. Think of this as learning how to walk.

Weekly inspiration

Plug into the Energy of the Week. Learn how to navigate it and make it the best week possible.

Palm and Face Reading

Eliyahu Jian, a recognized master of this ancient art, will take you, step by step, to discover: How to read people by just looking at their face and palm and understanding lifetimes they have lived.

Women’s classes

Women’s Classes. Designed by women, made for women.

Advanced Classes

Advanced classes are for students who are familiar with the foundation, terminology of Kabbalah and are now ready to dive into the deepest learnings. The Ten Sefirot class takes you step by step and teaches you about the Ten Dimensions of the Tree of Life and how to use it in our day and age. The Tikkunei Zohar Class is one of very few taught in the world - the secrets of Rabbi Shimon while he waist the cave hiding for 13 years - this was when the Tikkunei Zohar was written. The Zohar Class itself gives us on a weekly basis energy we can tap into. Join us.

Ten Sefirot

The cause of our pain and suffering is because most of us don’t know what our purpose in life is. These classes are deep knowledge with advanced terms and were put together so we can understand the concepts of time before the time a place before anything, before the Garden of Eden. What was the purpose of everything? Learn here.

Weekly Zohar

The purpose of the Zohar was to explain the inner, secret and mystical meaning of the Torah. Learn more about how it can change your life here.

Tikkunei Zohar

Sages have written: “Whoever studies Tikkunei Zohar, it is promised to them to connect to the power of miracles, and to convert chaos in your life into order.”


Holiday classes are great for learning and continuing the process of growth, happiness and healing during special times of the year.

Soul Elevation - Reincarnation Simplified

Soul Elevation covers the topic of reincarnation--the journey of the soul and it’s different levels throughout lifetimes.

Writings Of The Ari

Each and every one of us has a different purpose in this life. We need to know where we come from, so we know where we are going, and don’t repeat the same mistakes. This topic and more will be covered in the Writings of the Ari class.