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Billionaire’s Hidden Treasure

Billionaire’s Hidden Treasure

Learn to establish life’s most important building blocks: true freedom, desire, and infusions of blessings from above. Find the billionaire within you.

This 1st edition is for our core members, their families and friends. This 200+ page book draws from the learnings of centuries, applied to modern life circumstances.

‘Billionaire is a state of mind, not just how much money you have.’ — Eliyahu Jian

The Snail with No Shell

The tale of Joshy the snail is about a snail who accepts diversity and realizes that it is most important to focus on the you that is within. One stormy night, Joshy wanders far from home. During the storm, Joshy falls and breaks his shell. Instead of focusing on his broken shell, he travels home as the snail without a shell, becoming Joshy the Thinker. Along the way he sees his friends, but they do not recognize him. It is Joshy’s parents who instantly know it is him, even without his shell. They always saw the real Joshy and not the shell of what he wanted everyone to see. This book is a great lesson for teaching children to be confident in being their true selves.

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